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Goal of project for MacLeo was to make it modern using latest technologies and show how company has grown. Leo, founder of MacLeo company, asked me to come up with some ideas on how to provide a good user experience on desktop and mobile devices while serving content in a rather cool way.

MacLeo is founded in November 2008. The idea was to establish a reliable, friendly and professional Apple Macintosh service provider. The company's goal is to provide a fair on-site service, advising and supporting independently of large companies. So far, the company is taking care of more than 600 private and corporate clients in Berlin and Brandenburg area.

Powered by CSS3 and jQuery

The website features advanced JavaScript and CSS3 animations that had to behave well on mobile devices without compromising user experience.

The Challenge

If you visit MacLeo’s website, you will notice the parallax animation for the header/hero part of the page. As you start scrolling down, layers of the city move at different speed, which people really like but the problem was to adapt this animation with “scroll-to-section” animation. Every section of the website has snapping functionality if visitor is on desktop.

Another challenge was to make a user-friendly calculator which MacLeo’s customers could use to easily calculate price estimate based on their location. MacLeo charges their customers by hour, but there is one more variable - location. Customers close to MacLeo’s HQ are paying less than customers who are far from HQ, so instead of displaying a long list with zip codes and prices, I have built a calculator that takes a zip code as input and gives customer a correct price for requesting MacLeo’s services.

At a glance


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MacLeo GmbH Berlin, Germany

“Marko is an impressive designer and coder. He put so much effort into the design and functionality of my site, even though I payed him, I still feel indebted. He devoted an amazing amount of time towards developing the features that make it the quality product it is today.”

— Leo Lipp, MacLeo Berlin

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