Dr Logic

Fantastic Mac IT Support for London

This is another great Apple IT support company I have been working with, this time it is a London based one. They came to me with a need of redesigning their marketing website as they weren’t satisfied how their current website was looking.

Dr Logic was established in 2003 and they are passionate about all things Apple Mac. The company provides Mac IT support for businesses who like to do things differently. Their staff are Apple-certified technicians and Dr Logic is a member of the Service Desk Institute.


Besides doing Apple Mac IT support, Dr Logic has a lot more to offer to its customers. So they wanted me to tell their story in a simple, yet fun way with playful design with lots of illustrations. So I have created illustrations for every section and every page that would fit UI nicely. UI along with illustrations had to be responsive and as beautiful on every screen.

At a glance


User Interface Design Illustration Design






Dr Logic Ltd London, UK

“Marko is an impressive designer and coder. He put so much effort into the design and functionality of my site, even though I payed him, I still feel indebted. He devoted an amazing amount of time towards developing the features that make it the quality product it is today.”

— Leo Lipp, MacLeo Berlin

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