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This is a project I did for one of my returning client, with whom I have been working with for years – since my very first freelancing days to be exact. This time I was asked to design and develop a website for their new software development company. It is always a pleasure to work with people like this and the project included doing UI in Photoshop, writing HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and some PHP for handling forms.

Decabase was founded with one overarching principle: helping companies achieve their business goals, by utilising state-of-the-art low-code technology solutions. By linking business acumen with cutting edge technology, they are able to help their clients execute their business ideas faster - time and again.

Keep scrolling if you would like to see how I have helped them design and develop their website.


Creating a website for new businesses usually comes with a little extra (fun) work. There are no brand guidelines set up yet most of the time. So the first thing in this case is to define brand visually and come up with effective solution. After this, next task is focusing on UI for each page that would tell a story of the company properly and convert as many visitors as possible. The design also had to communicate speed and ease of use.


Before doing any UI work I created many logo variations with different typography and styles. After a few revisions we defined visual identity for the brand and typography that will be used to represent company. Next thing was to create a design for the home page, I tried to keep it simple (as I always do) for user to navigate around website and learn more about company easily while making it visually appealing too. I put a lot of different CTA's across the website in order to have a good conversion rate. There was no need to implement this to CMS so I had to deliver only static, Bootstrap powered, responsive website with some of PHP.

At a glance


User Experience Guidelines User Interface Design Brand Guidelines




Visual Identity Website


Decabase Stellenbosch, SA

“Marko has a very rare talent, an exceptional designer with great coding skills - Highly recommended!”

— Warren Eiserman, CEO, Decabase

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